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Por: Catarina Santos Faria

The importance of belief

Are we able to change the course of our lives?

Sometimes we think we aren’t able to change, we are tired of trying and not achieving. So, we decide to think about it and work on changing tomorrow believing that tomorrow’s opportunities are guaranteed, that they will remain the same. Nothing in life is guaranteed, nevertheless, if you do nothing to change, it’s guaranteed that nothing will change.
Everything you idealize requires determination, effort, hard work, sacrifices and decision-making; many of such decisions however, will be hard to make.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ll live, what matters is how you choose to live your life which depends on your choices and attitudes towards emerging circumstances. Let me tell you that there will always be situations in our lives that we can’t control and, it is up to us to decide what we will do with such situations.

We can either choose to act or allow such situations to change the course of our lives, but if we fail to act appropriately we will never achieve what we desire in life. The fear of failure is one of the primary reasons stopping us from making the decision to change, no one likes or wants to fail, yet failure is part of the entire process of change; it’s an inevitable part of the path to achieve your goals.

The act of failure or not achieving a goal effectively means that you’ve set yourself to do or try to do something. When you fail, even when you do so more than once, you are acquiring experience which means that you’re likely to experience less anxiety next time you try to achieve your goals again and, at the end of the day, it’ll be another acquired experience.
You can be whatever you’d like to be. Believe in yourself. Don’t allow anything to stop you! In the most difficult moments when the motivation fails you, is the self discipline that drives you. Maintain your discipline amidst obstacles and difficulties. Self discipline is essential as without it you can’t achieve what is really important to you.

What will you do today to change?

Take a look at your life this moment, do you think you deserve better? Are you doing what you’d like to do? Do you have what you’d like to have? Are you where you’d like to be? What is your dream? What are your ambitions? Find the reasons for what you do and whether they meet your personal goals. It’s not enough to say I want! You need to act and focus on what’s important.

You are responsible for your life, no one else can be made responsible for your condition.

I challenge you to think on what you really would like to achieve in your life. You need to reflect on all your achievements to date as well as the challenge that you’ve faced to achieved them. At present, you need to set priorities in order to achieve whatever is important to you. This process will not happen tomorrow. The first step you must take is setting targets. Once you’ve set a target, invest all your time and energy in achieving it. Don’t give up your dreams simply because it’s become too difficult. Yes, you will fail and make mistakes! This will happen, but it’s when this happens that you must keep focused on yours goals. Yes, you’ll feel like giving up!

Have control over your life. Giving up is not an option!

No matter how difficult your path may be, if you have courage, ambition, determination, motivation, initiative, self discipline and persistence, you’ll be successful at achieving your goal.

Why not start today?
What will you do today?

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