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By: Catarina Santos Faria

I’m going to a psychologist because I take my mental health seriously

No prescription is needed for good mental and emotional health.

“I go to a psychologist because I need to put my thoughts in order, to manage my emotions and learn to live life to the fullest. I go because it makes me feel better, and it helps me access resources to meet the challenges of life.”

Mental health is not purely related to the absence of mental illness. For good mental health, you need to find the emotional balance between the internal patrimony and the external demands or experiences of your life. The way people respond to the demands of life, and how they harmonise their desires, abilities, ambitions, ideas, and emotions, provides them with good mental health.

Mentally healthy people understand that they have limits and that you can never be everything to everyone. They experience daily emotions such as joy, love, satisfaction, sadness, anger and frustration and understand the feelings associated with each emotion. They are also able to face the challenges and changes of everyday life with balance, and they know how to seek help when they have difficulty coping with conflicts, disturbances, traumas, or important transitions in different life cycles.

There are no contraindications to good mental and emotional health.

“I began to feel that something was not right inside me and I could not easily explain why.”

People should seek help from a psychologist when they feel they are not able to manage their feelings, thoughts and/or behaviours in a way that is satisfactory. A psychologist is a professional who seeks to understand the behaviour and mental functions of human beings. The psychologist will listen, try and understand, and speak to you without any type of judgment. A good session will promote self-reflection, and help search for new meanings in the situation being reported by the person. In this way, it will help you deal with your difficulties in a more harmonious manner.

It is extremely important to emphasise that the psychologist’s performance is governed by a code of ethics and professional secrecy. Thus, everything that is talked about in a psychotherapy session is kept confidential between the psychologist and the person being cared for.

Therapeutic plan for good mental and emotional health:

“I was very scared to talk about myself at my first appointment with a psychologist, but one day everything changed.”

Talking about fears and situations where you feel helpless and unable to act will not make these situations more likely. The reverse will happen: talking about them will help you gain a better perception of what is going on. Talking will enable you to gain:

  • Clear reality
  • Better integration and emotional response
  • Greater development and self-realisation
  • Positive attitudes towards oneself
  • Domain and social competence
  • Autonomy and self-determination

If you have questions about how a psychologist can help you, then please get in touch. Don’t feel the need to hold back because you are unsure of how good a fit the psychologist will be, or whether you will be able to talk about what is going on. If you feel like going to a psychologist would be beneficial, please reach out to us. We can help you understand your own mind, be fully mentally healthy and able to deal with everything life throws at you.

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