Aging is inevitable and with it comes issues such as wrinkly skin, sagging skin and loose skin. There’s factors that influence your skin’s health: lifestyle, exercise and water intake and these are controllable to a certain degree but others such as air pollution or prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen will weaken and break your health skin cells, augmenting signs of age and raise others such as sun damage spots and dark pigmentation areas which results in you looking older than you actually are.

Our renowned practitioners know that how you care for your skin today will reflect on how it looks tomorrow, with our leading edge laser technology and years of experience, our doctors follow a clinically proven method accessing each patient individually and advising on an adequate treatment for each particular case.

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Our Laser Treatments are performed at Monteiro Skin Clinic.

We offer cutting-edge non-invasive treatments for a wide range of skin concerns for both women and men of all skin types.