Our History

In 1988, after working as an NHS GP for a year in London, Dr Justino Monteiro left for Africa to collaborate with a voluntary medical organisation. His return to London was encouraged by some people from Madeira Island who were living in Stockwell.

It was then that Dr Monteiro rented a consultation room where he worked as a GP. At the same time he started doing home visits to patients. During this period, Mrs Lurdes Martins had an important role in the growth of the business as she told all her friends about Dr Monteiro’s consultation room. Most of his patients were Portuguese.

In 1999, Dr Monteiro saw his first Brazilian patient called Amos de Oliveira. This was very important for Dr Monteiro as this patient helped him to realise how fast the Brazilian population in London was growing. Dr Monteiro put an advertisement about his services in a magazine targeted at the Brazilian population and during the next few months the numbers of Brazilian patients grew rapidly.

Dr Monteiro then moved to a room within a pharmacy, where he saw his Brazilian and Portuguese patients. During this time he met a Colombian lawyer and Mrs Luiza. Both of them then started telling the Latin community about Dr Monteiro’s services.

With the volume of patients from all three communities increasing, Dr Monteiro then founded a small clinic with two consultation rooms with the help of Mr D. Todd, who made the clinic a Limited Company registered with Companies House.

The services the clinic provided also expanded, due to demand, with the introduction of medical exams and specialities such as psychology, dermatology and minor surgeries. In 2005, with the need for more space and medical staff, the clinic moved to a location where they had three consultation rooms. In 2008 aesthetic medicine broke away to form the Oval Beauty Clinic Ltd which also provides various other services relating to aesthetics.

The services at the Monteiro Clinic expanded in 2010. The clinic is currently occupying two floors with four consultation rooms, nursing care, blood tests, a drug dispensary, all types of ultrasound, electrocardiogram and minor surgeries.

With this structure in place the clinic has dedicated employees and there are GMC registered doctors who speak Portuguese, Spanish and English, nurses, radiologists and sonographer. The clinic has over fifty thousand registered patients and this total is growing on a daily basis.