Our Mission

As a Medical clinic, our patient is always our first concern.
To justify and maintain that trust we must show respect for human being and make sure that our practice medical services has a standard expectation in a higher level, following the most important domains such as:

Knowledge, skills and performance
Patient is our first concern, so we must provide a good standard of practice and care. We provide information on procedures, diagnostic, therapeutic and respect the freedom of choice.

Safety and quality
Protect confidentiality of the patient is one of most important domains.
Actions are taken if the patient safety is compromised or if we have any suspicious evidence.
Our priority is to give the best services and quality of life for our patients.

Respect and dignity of the patient
The fact of patient is being sick and lack of help, does not lose any of the rights that make up their dignity and cannot be discriminated.
Collectively and individually is our commitment to act and to ensure the best interest of the patient, supporting patients, improving and maintaining their health.

Communication, partnership and teamwork
Our services are composed of several departments, so working as a team is always very important to get the target of our purpose as a medical care.
We are here to help! Your health is our commitment.