Psychiatric assessment of symptoms and consequent diagnosis formulation is provided for all clients.

The assessment will be adapted to the objective and needs of each client. Nevertheless, a rigorous assessment is indispensable and it always takes into account the biological, psychological and social features of the problem. Assessments usually comprises a clinical interview and, when needed, complementary medical exams.

Answering questionnaires and inventories regarding specific symptoms or coping skills may also be required to maximize the understanding of psychological variables. If necessary, a psychological assessment will be recommended.

The treatment plan will be developed and discussed with clients based on diagnosis and/or clinical formulation of problems/symptoms in order to enhance its efficacy and effectiveness.

Psychiatric Treatment

Although psychiatric treatment is not exclusively related to pharmacological treatment, the need for psychiatric medication is always carefully considered and assessed throughout the therapeutic process. If medication is needed, the best pharmacological treatment options for each client will always discussed and informed, while a shared decision is encouraged.

All pharmacological treatment options provided are in line with the latest psychiatric research and current treatment guidelines.

Psychotherapeutic Treatment

Psychotherapy may be useful for some clients and will be recommended if needed. Psychotherapy needs a greater involvement of clients in their recovery and sessions are usually more frequent. Several studies have highlighted the important role of psychotherapy in combination with pharmacotherapy in maximizing the therapeutic gains and relapse prevention.

Family/Care-givers support

When necessary, family and/or caregivers’ support will be provided. Psycho-education sessions (information about illness, medication and coping with symptoms) will be made available whenever they are considered beneficial.

Consultation Fee: £120