Women have special needs and require regular medical observation from adolescence. In the Monteiro Clinic you will find a doctor who, besides speaking your language, is able to provide all the support and guidance at every stage of your life.

Contraception and Family planning

If you don’t want to be pregnant, or if you think it is time to start a family, a good conversation with your doctor at the Monteiro Clinic will help you to choose the most appropriate contraception or to be prepared to live the most magical nine months of your life.

Insertion of Implanon
(contraceptive implant)
(including consultation)
IUD Insertion – Mirena
(with hormones)
(including consultation)
IUD Insertion – T380
(without hormones)
(including consultation)
Removal of IUD£75
(including consultation)
Removal of Implanon£150
(including consultation)

Pregnancy and Pre-Natal

The assistance of a good medical doctor during pregnancy is essential for the mother and baby’s well-being. At the Monteiro Clinic you will be assisted during your pregnancy with medical, nutritional and nurse support.
Your baby will have their development assisted through ultrasound examinations e laboratory tests if necessary.

You can have the baby’s ultrasound images recorded on a DVD – a beautiful contribution for their memory album!
Please when booking your ultrasound scan, request your DVD with a member of staff.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are several, sometimes silent, without symptoms, and there is a considerable lack of knowledge about them. Our doctors in the Monteiro Clinic are prepared to give information about preventive measures and, if it is the case, how to proceed with the safest treatment.

Hormonal Problems

A serious issue for women, as they have at least three significant “hormonal storms” in their lives: the beginning of menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause. In the Monteiro Clinic, your doctor will be able to diagnose and treat your endocrinological problems such as thyroid changes, diabetes, high cholesterol, grown problems, menstrual alterations, amongst others.


A range of physical and emotional problems may occur during this transition period for women. A consultation with a doctor at the Monteiro Clinic will answer all your doubts about it and you’ll get the proper information and treatment to relieve your symptoms.