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30 Days Return Policy - Icon


You can return for a free consultation within 30 days. Provided it is with the same doctor and same medical condition.


Fruits - Nutrition

Nutrition package

Looking to shape up for summer?
Weight Loss Package for professional and personalised diet planning and support.

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Cognitive Screening Test - Article

Cognitive Screening Test

Have difficulty remembering events of your day?
Forget the names of friends, family or objects?
Do not you remember something you saw, heard or read?

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Cardiologist - Article picture


HEART diseases is a major cause of death in the world and following data from British Heart Foundation in UK there are an estimated 7 million people living with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in UK.

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New Monteiro Clinic branch in North of London

For over 15 years in the South of London, the Monteiro Clinic has now opened another branch in the North of London, Harlesden.
Come and meet our new clinic now closer to you! Personalised health care, general practitioners, specialists and dentists; services available in Portuguese, Spanish or English. (video in Portuguese only)

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Monteiro Dental Clinic

We offer a full range of dental treatments designed to help you maintain your oral health and beautiful smile. General dentistry, aesthetics, orthodontics, implants and X-Rays. Our professionals are highly trained with sound experience in dental treatments and they offer services in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
We are now also seeing patients at our new branch in the North of London.
Monteiro dental Clinic, your dental clinic in London. (video in Portuguese only)

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Oval Beauty Clinic - Logotype

Our team of highly skilled hair and beauty professionals offers a wide range of impeccable services providing you a delighting experience.

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Monteiro Dental Clinic - Logotype

The Monteiro Dental Clinic offers a large range of treatments for you to maintain your oral health and the beauty of your smile.

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